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A story of adventure

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Meet our inspiration

I know everyone says it, but it's so true....becoming a parent is the most beautiful and terrifying experience you can never quite be prepared for. Having tiny people that you're all of a sudden responsible for makes you examine everything you think you were doing right because it all gets reflected straight back at you with alarming clarity in those trusting little faces.

For me that meant a journey of looking at everything we consume as a family - what do we eat, drink, put on our bodies and consume? What are all those funny looking ingredients with long names and what are they all for?

This is definitely a lifelong journey on which we will discover, experiment and learn to laugh at ourselves a little bit more (foraging seaweed with inappropriate footwear on an incoming tide...)

Hopefully you will enjoy the fruits of our experiments and will love the soaps and natural products we have developed as much as my family do!


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